John C Neubauer

Tai Chi Yoga:

 A Unique Teaching Package

Tai Chi Yoga is like a bonsai tree: ageless, graceful and eternal. Its yielding nature reflects an inner strength and outer flexibility. Its daily practice affects the body, mind, and spirit like morning dew caressing a flower bud. It produces a glow that comes from the inside; a smile that starts from the heart.


John C Neubauer:

Tai Chi Yoga Master

John C Neubauer (73), innovator and master teacher of Tai Chi Yoga, began practicing hatha yoga daily in 1973 after friends recommended that it might help ease debilitating leg cramps from playing college basketball. It actually cured the leg cramps within a few weeks of beginning and never returned...

Spring 2019

"Heaven is beneath our feet as well as above our head"

- Henry David Thoreau



This Tai Chi Yoga Teaching Package includes: (1) 5 video lessons; (2) a 68 page workbook demonstrating the fundamentals of Tai Chi Yoga movement and breathing, a taoist meditation, and images of each tai chi movement and yoga posture; and (3) a 150 page book entitled "POWER OF TAI CHI YOGA: Ancient Principles for Modern-day Healing, Living, and Weight-loss".


The downloadable Tai Chi Yoga Teaching Package is a $39.99 (US$) investment.

Trevor A. 

"John's book seriously changed my life in the best of ways. I apply his combination of Tai Chi and Yoga to my everyday routine.

Nick M.

“This is such a wonderful and one of a kind book and if committed, will change your life!

Michelle B.

“I can't believe how much this book changed my overall mental and physical health. Thank you John for creating this life changing class!”